New York travel diary: day two

Hello loves, this is the continuum of my New York travel series! If you haven’t read the first day yet, just click right here! This was a very short trip, and I would honestly love to go back soon. With that, I hope you enjoy day two.

In the morning on the last day in NYC we walked through Central Park to get to the Met. As we couldn’t spend the whole day there (I wish) I didn’t get to see the whole museum, although seeing ancient books and famous works of art was quite amazing. The highlight of the Met was seeing three whole rooms of Edgar Degas’ paintings and sculptures.

After leaving the Met, my friend and I attempted to find the subway in the rain, which did not go to well. We did make it back to our hotel one cab ride later and had Chipotle for lunch, which was delicious!

Our last stop on the trip was the Met Cloisters museum, which I originally thought wasn’t going to all that interesting, but surprisingly was. The outdoor gardens were absolutely breathtaking as you can see from the photos. I couldn’t help but snap, quite a lot, of photos.

After that, we headed on home. Overall, while the trip was short it was nonetheless an experience like no other. I still have so much of New York to see and am looking forward to it! Don’t be afraid to explore the world, because you will not only see new places but boundaries and perhaps values and confidence you never knew you had.


Amanda x

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