RCMA no Color Powder Review

Hello lovelies, after what seems like forever, I’m here to give you a review on the somewhat unknown yet highly coveted RCMA no color powder.

I came across the RCMA no color powder when watching a youtube video, and like the skeptic that I am, decided against trying it for the longest time. Its reviews seemed almost too good to be true. Although, when the holiday season rolled around last year and I had done my research, and decided it was time I give the RCMA no color powder a try.

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RCMA no Color Powder 

This setting powder, amongst others is simply luxurious. It’s a simple loose white powder that, honestly, gets the job done. It sets your makeup beautifully, brightens, and most importantly helps your makeup last throughout the day. As someone with Oily to combination skin, I can genuinely say that this product does not wear off halfway through the day nor does it look white on your skin. A lot goes a long way; you really don’t need to use much to set your face (I once used a little too much and it was evident that I had used a sort of setting powder). That being said, if you use the right amount it gives off an invisible and natural look.

What about Laura Mercier’s Loose Translucent Setting Powder? 

The RCMA no color powder has been compared to Laura Marcier’s loose translucent setting powder way too many times to count. One of the main reasons why one might go with the Laura Mercier powder as opposed to the RCMA is solely because the Laura Mercier powder is much more accessible than the RCMA. However, the search for the RCMA no color powder is much more worth it than going to your local Sephora and spending fifty dollars on a measly one ounce of product. I will definitely not knock off the Laura Mercier powder as it basically gives the same results that the RCMA no color powder does, but I’d rather get more product for my money instead of breaking the bank for something that won’t last me as long solely for, let’s face it, the Brand.

Where can I find the RCMA No Color Powder? 

There are a few places that you can get the RCMA no color powder online, despite the product being sold out quite often. Three very easy places to go to buy this product are the RCMA makeup brand’s website, the Beautylish website, and Ali Express. I bought mine via Beautylish and would recommend this online store as they have great costumer service and ships their products out rather quickly.

Other products featured in the image: If you are interested in the Anastasia brow powder, click here to read my review on it! As for the L’oréal Telescopic Shocking Extensions Mascara, it is a great drug store mascara that lengthens the look of your lashes in a natural yet obvious way.

Disclaimer: None of the brands spoken about in this blogpost are sponsoring me to write these reviews! These are my personal opinions concerning these products.


Amanda xx

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