Your Skin’s New AM Friends: Caffeine, Ginseng, and Rosehip Oil

Hi Loves! I always wake up not feeling like I got enough sleep because I’m so busy on the grind. Though I have recently changed my morning routine and couldn’t be happier with the way it leaves my skin. These three products that have great ingredients have honestly changed my morning for the better.


For one: the caffeine in Origin’s Ultra-Hydrating Energy-Boosting Cream is seriously insane. I have never purchased a cream that has made my skin feel this awake, supple and refreshed.

The properties of caffeine (specifically its antioxidants) in this product same as others, constricts small blood cells and therefore causes a decrease in inflammation of the skin.

The cream is the last product that I put on my skin before I start my makeup routine. It makes my skin feel renewed and refreshed. It is the only cream that I use in the morning aside from a few drops of rosehip oil that I apply prior to.

If you need that extra ‘awake’ feeling, and love the look of fresh and supple skin to kickstart your day, I recommend this cream.

Ginseng is also a fantastic natural plant that has many skin benefits. I love the way that Origins combines caffeine and Ginseng in their GinZing line. Though aside from the face cream, their Refreshing Eye Cream to Brighten and Depuff  is one of my favourite under eye creams. There are not many that actually leave you satisfied with the results. Most of the time I end up investing in something that isn’t worth my money and get frustrated trying to find the right product for me.

Ginseng however, helps to reduce puffiness and dark circles as well as keep your skin hydrated. It contains phytonutrients so that it gets your skins ‘metabolism’ going and clears out dead skin cells, free radicals …etc. It aids in the regeneration of your skin cells through promoting collagen production, containing great anti-aging properties.

I put this on after I’ve finished treating my whole face. the cream has a luminescent touch and not only helps to treat but makes your under eyes looks awake. It is one of the eye creams that I genuinely see an improvement with. I only use this in the AM and use another in the PM.

Rosehip oil does wonders, especially Ole Henriksen’s Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil. When i wake up my face is usually dull, and needs some more hydration. After toner, I put this on (beware, its seriously orange) and apply on my face and neck. My first impression before it has the chance to sink into the skin was: Donald Trump. Although,  not even a minute later, my skin looks brand new. The oil doesn’t leave any unwanted residue on your skin, and makes you glow like nobody’s business.

The secret behind rosehip? It helps to regenerate your skin’s cells, to keep lines and wrinkles firm. Best of all, it creates a protective barrier so that you skin can stay moisturized throughout the day. It also holds properties that help to correct color tone and to brighten dark spots.

These three products and their benefits, all from key natural ingredients, really hits the ball out of the park for me.

You can buy all of these products at sephora as well (The Origins products pictured in the photo above is part of a smaller value package that I bought to try the products before buying the full sizes!) Link:


Amanda xx

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