Fairmont Tremblant Travel Diary

Hi loves, I recently went to Mont Tremblant and stayed at the Fairmont. It was a nice little weekend getaway that I would like to share with you. I honestly didn’t want to leave  on the last day. I felt like I could live there for a little while (kind of like Chuck in the Palace).

The first day was great, we arrived at 10am and they already had a room ready for me. The coolest thing was that if I needed anything, someone was always a text away making sure my stay was everything I hoped it’d be. My favourite part of that day was probably when they brought some little desserts up to my room along with a nice little note. Their hospitality was amazing. 


You can imagine, I totally ate them right away. I spent the day exploring the hotel and shooting. I went for lunch at their little cafe and it was super delicious. What I find convenient is that the hotel has three different restaurants within their hotel: a nice little cafe, a fancy restaurant where you can enjoy a nice dinner and a restaurant open for breakfast in the morning. I went out for dinner that night to visit the village and came back to our room for a peaceful sleep.

If you watched my Instagram stories (which are still there — all part of the Highlight: Fairmont) you’ll remember that they have this service where they will come up and close your curtains and give you water bottles around evening s you can get ready for bed. It was honestly, such a nice touch that I really appreciated.

I got up pretty early the next morning for a fantastic breakfast at Le Comptoir, one of their restaurants that I mentioned earlier. I had friendly service as always. Here’s a look a my amazing breakfast that I really wanted more of, even though I was already really full. I don’t know how the cook their scrambled eggs, but they are to die for.

I did some more photoshoots throughout the day and enjoyed the hotel. I also got to enjoy the spa and its services. It felt relaxing and was just what I needed. I had a little hiccup with our rooms and had to change that day, though the hotel was very accommodating and gave us a new room right away. One thing I love about this hotel is that their service is impeccable. I got my new room and funny story, it was the same room I stayed in the last time, when I visited Tremblant last summer with my family.

I decided to order room service because for some reason, I had been craving pasta that weekend and let me tell you, a simple bowl of pasta with chilli flakes and a lot of fresh parmesan can do wonders. It was the best pasta I’d had in a long time (since march break actually), and it really hit the spot. Room service was amazing and I really enjoyed dinner, more than the night before, when I went out into town.

On my last day, I really didn’t want to leave. I enjoyed a full hot buffet and had a fantastic omelette with my breakfast. I pilled a lot onto my plate that morning and to my surprise ate it all. I got late checkout without a problem and stayed a little longer for the pool. I really am glad I stayed a little longer because the hot to felt great.

After the pool and before I left, I had one last place to discover: The Fairmont Hotel’s Axe Lounge. It was a great place to sit back and enjoy my drink before leaving. I had, probably my favourite drink since discovering it, a Moscow Mule.

I left after this and still can’t thank the hotel enough for their service and hospitality. Thanks to the Fairmont, I was able to enjoy a lovely weekend getaway. I without a doubt recommend that you stay at the Fairmont whenever you go to Mont Tremblant. It would be worth it for the food alone, though the service the give is one that no other hotel can beat.


Amanda x

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