Take the Plunge with Ole Henriksen

Hi loves, today I’ll be talking about Ole Henriksen’s new Cold Plunge Pore Mask! I was sent this product by Ole Henriksen to test out and share my experience with you guys.

This mask is inspired by the Scandinavian spa cold and hot cycle, which compliments their Sauna scrub and the whole concept of the Balance line. I was honestly surprised with this mask. I originally thought it would be a lot colder than it is. In reality it isn’t insanely cold, but gives your skin a nice tingly and refreshing sensation.




So what makes this mask so amazing? 

Well, it minimizes the size of your pores and stops oil production for 8 hours. That in itself is insane. Its a great mask to apply in the morning before you put your makeup on, if you have oily skin. It also cleans your pores out to get that nice clean slate.

What I also love about this mask is that is has AHAs and BHAs to help improve the texture of your skin. I have used this mask twice so far and I have already seen some of my scars heal and fade.

Though I will say that while this mask does stop oil production it isn’t completely drying mask that will make your skin super dry. It has Neem seed oil in it, which helps restore balance. Neem oil also helps with three other skin concerns that make it a vital ingredient in this mask.

Neem oil creates a thin barrier on the outer layer of the skin so that it can deeply moisturize dry skin. It is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids so its perfect if you want supple and hydrated skin. It also helps get rid of hyper pigmentation. What it does is control the production of melanin, which is basically what gives skin its colour. This way, dark spots and scars can fade to give your skin an even tone.

Lastly, as if all of this wasn’t already enough, it also helps control acne! the vitamin E in the Neem oil helps damaged skin and acne scarring. Its main purpose in this case though, is to stop bacteria from growing into a pimple (and that’s something I know we all dread). Neem oil holds natural anti-inflammatory properties so that it reduces redness and inflammation.

Now I don’t know about you, but the packaging and the colour of the mask had me sold. But after doing all of the research on the ingredients in this product I know, that this mask is bound to deliver. And, it’s finally up and ready to shop on Ole Henriksen’s website! Just click here

I hope that you guys will like the mask as much as I do!


Amanda x

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