BKANNE: A Look on the Inside of one of Montreal’s Ethically Responsible Labels and the Boss Woman Khanh Cao Herself

Khanh Cao, a remarkable woman who is the creative brains behind the ethical fashion brand BKANNE. She will be showcasing her line of clothing at Montreal’s Start up Fashion Week at the end of the month. A year into the creation of this company and Cao has already shown just how perseverance and hard work can create a successful outcome.

Khanh knows much about resilience and autonomy as she grew up without her mom and moved from Saigon to Quebec at the age of twelve. It this and her love for writing, art and fashion that brings out her ceaseless motivation. After many struggles and obstacles throughout her life, Khanh ultimately decided to pursue her dreams of fashion and art, both fiery passions that never died down.

Khanh founded BKANNE in 2017 and brings all of her life lessons with her as she incorporates them into her brand. Khanh is aware that the world can afflict pain and disappoint, as we are often times vulnerable, therefore BKANNE puts no being above the standards of the industry. Khanh’s values lie within the realm of making her contribution to the fashion industry an ethically responsible one. She believes that fashion can be fun and elegant yet still respect all of humanity. It is often difficult to find ethical fashion labels that sell affordable clothing, though BKANNE is a brand that assures great prices and quality, all of which is animal cruelty free.

As you know simple outfits with a touch of boldness and elegance speaks to me, which is why I thought it so important to introduce this brand to all of you. You can pair any one of their pieces with another item in your closet and it’s sure to be a showstopper. With an array of fabrics and all of the clothing made within Canada, you cannot go wrong. BKANNE was designed to defy trends giving one the choice to be their own kind of trendy. The important message that Khanh wants to express is that fashion is to let one’s identity shine and for it to be seen in a different form: This among others is one of Khanh’s mission for her label.

Khanh also shares her goals for one of her future projects, as she plans to one day be able to create a foundation that will allow orphans and young children who have no families to receive education worldwide. This compassionate and driven woman is exactly the kind of go-getter that the Montreal fashion industry needs! As Khanh says: “Do not be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and reach for your dreams. Everything is possible if you have hope and belief in yourself.”

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I will be covering the BKANNE’s runway show and cannot wait to share it with everyone! For now, here is a peak at some of my favourites from BKANNE’s clothing line.




Website: https://bkanne.ca/en/


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