The Foolproof Guide to your Best Dressed Summer: Part Two

Hello loves, I’m back to introduce you to more brands and pieces that I love. This time, the selection will be more clothing based with an additional focus on men’s fashion!


Two Pieces, Dresses, and Jumpsuit Goodness





No one can resist either of these three. Dresses, Jumpsuits, and two pieces are the holy grail of summer outfits. The reason? All you have to do is slide into it and voila, you’ve got an outfit that looks put together and it took no time at all to figure out. These are some that I’m loving right now!

Vici Collection

LP Garçonne 




Flowy European Travel Vibes





This board of my favourite picks, I would have to say, is definitely my style. I love this kind of look so much! I recently posted another blog post that has a similar title to this category and these products will definitely match with those (if you want that extra inspiration). These pieces are effortless and I’m totally imagining myself in these outfits somewhere in Italy right now.


Magali Pascal

Balzac Paris

Sabo Skirt


Best Dressed Man





I don’t usually speak about men’s fashion as its not my main focus. Though a lot of people requested this and therefore, I’m delivering! These are some of my picks from men’s stores online. A lot of this can be considered unisex too if you like boxy tee shirts ladies. I have the staple stores in here and a few that you may not have heard of or thought to shop at.

Frank and Oak 



Urban Outfitters

Alpha Industries






I love shoes! A lot of people like to solely focus on clothing when it comes to outfits, though shoes are just as important. I’ve picked four of my favourite places to shop for shoes. These babies are perfect for summer because they’re pretty neutral and go with a lot. Most of all, they aren’t shoes with five inch heels. You can walk in these and still be comfy!


Mim Shoes


Just Fab




Feel comfy and look great in intimates from these places. I have to say that I absolutely love La Vie en Rose. These places range in price so if you’re looking to splurge on a set, La Perla is the place for you.


La Perla

La Vie En Rose

Chantelle Paris


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