How to Maintain a Cohesive Instagram Feed

Hello loves, I am a big Insta fan. Not only do I use it for business but I love seeing all of the creativity that the app has to offer. I’ve always loved playing with colours and after a while, got the hang of creating an Instagram feed that was cohesive and aesthetically pleasing. In this blog post, I will let you in on my biggest tips to keeping a cohesive feed and how it can become something easy and less frustrating to manage!

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Firstly, picking your theme’s colour is a necessary step. I originally loved a blue/ white theme but have changed to a warmer feed more recently. The colour selection is really up to you and what you think will fit your personality. Blue and yellow tones are two of the most used but lots of others like a purple based feed or something that is super colourful in general.

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Mood boards are not essential but it helps me get an idea of what style I want my photos to be and get the overall aesthetic. Mood boards are really easy to put together too! This is a major step if you want to improve your eye for photography and arranging colours and themes together. Below are some that I have put together over the years. You can put them together on your wall, on Pinterest, or WeHeartIt!

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Now that you’ve got all of your ideas, its time to make them a reality. Go explore your city and find places to take pictures! You don’t need to worry about not having a professional camera because the iPhone 8 does wonders. Even if you don’t have these quality pictures on social media (unless its your job) is not a big deal. The whole idea behind it, is that you’re showing your friends and followers what you like to do and who you are.

One thing to remember all the time is your theme colour and your style. This will help you when it comes to taking pictures in places. If your theme in blue and white, don’t stand in front of a bright yellow wall to snap a pic. Go to the water of a white and marble themed cafe. I also want to mention that if you’re going to doing a lot of editing with your pictures in Lightroom afterwards the colours around you won’t matter as much as they would if you are hardly editing because you can manipulate colours very easily (If you want a: How I edit my Instagram photos — Let me know).

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The Last thing thing that is important to think about is your consistency. As time progresses you will be out of content, in a rut, or find it difficult to keep the colour scheme going, its okay to change themes! I transitioned from a blue feed to one that is more warm and the reason why I did that was because my style and personal brand was changing and didn’t want to lose touch with you guys in representing who I am over social media.

When you’re ready to post, it’s difficult knowing what looks good together before posting it. There’s a great app called UNUM that is not only free and helps you plan your Instagram feed out in advance. What I admittedly used to do before these apps existed was post a picture go onto my profile, quickly snap a screenshot, then delete the photo. Now that I have this app I don’t have to do that and have everything in one place.

I hope that you guys find this helpful! For those of you who don’t know me on Instagram come visit me: @the.glamedit

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