Recap of Osheaga 2018 and what’s in my Bag: Festival Edition

Hey loves! today I will be reaping what went down at Osheaga 2018, what I wore, and all the details. I’ll also be showing you what I packed, as well as what you should be packing for these kinds of events in general.

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I just want to start off by saying that I absolutely love music festivals. They’re so lively and the atmosphere is always surreal. This was the first year that I went alone. I’m going to be honest with you, it was a mixed experience. I’m someone who is a little anxious when it comes to approaching complete strangers. So if you’re ever planning to go to a music fest, make sure to bring a friend. Though what I do like about it, is that I was able to do whatever my heart desired, even if that meant waiting in a long line to get my hair styled by Batiste. Overall this year was a great year because I got to see the Arctic Monkeys perform (comment your favourite band(s) down below)!

In terms of my outfit, I actually let you guys decide for me. I wore a white cream coloured bralette with some lovely crochet detailing that gave the look a boho vibe. I paired that with a pair of striped high waisted shorts and some brown booties. I really loved how the outfit came together. I wasn’t dying of heat and my precious white sneakers weren’t getting muddy (oh, the amount of ruined shoes I saw that day). I paired the boho inspired outfit with a blue kimono that really made it feel like I was living the festival life. I added a belt purse to the mix just because I wanted to have something small and compact with me throughout the day.



I had a great time at Osheaga and that’s partially because I packed everything I needed for the day so that it ran smoothly. Here are some of my festival essentials when it comes to what you should be putting in your bag.

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Sunscreen: One thing is for sure, its bound to be hot and sunny. Putting sunscreen on usually isn’t fun and it always smells funny. Though Supergoop, a revolutionary brand if you ask me has the best unseen sunscreen that you can apply before makeup and use for touch ups throughout the day. It’s perfect because you’re protecting your skin and you’re not worried about looking like a ghost.

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 7.56.48 PM


Face Mist: A face mist isn’t completely necessary but it is something that’s nice to have. If its insanely hot out and you have room to fit this in your bag then by all means, go for it! A lot of face mists are marketed as either sprays to help makeup last longer or something to refresh your face with throughout the day. Though what’s best is to find a product that not only does both but also comes in a compact size. I’ve chosen to show you this one from Makeup Forever because it checks all the boxes off. You can’t go wrong with this!

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 3.45.46 PM


A lip balm and your go to lipstick: When you’re talking care of your skin, you don’t want to forget your lips. Chances are you’re wearing some kind of lipstick and it can not only be drying but also wear off throughout the day. That’s why bringing it along with you for touch ups is a good idea. Don’t waste space on a little mirror, use your phone camera instead. As for lip balm you want to make sure your lips are hydrated or else your lipstick won’t go on as well. This is one of my favourite hydrating lip balms and the colour that I wore when I went to Osheaga this year.




*A lot of others things like deodorant wipes are a good thing to pack if you have the room. Just make sure you’re happy, hydrated, smelling, and looking your best!



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