A Roundup of my Favourites from London Fashion Week 2018

Hi Loves, with fashion month in full swing we are now officially almost through the madness. And though I do show you some of the shows over on my Instagram stories, I would love to speak more in-depth about the topic. I will be showing as much as I can from as many shows as possible. A trend report will also follow this blog post shortly!

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The week was kicked off bright and early by pro-feminist and sustainability advocate, Richard Malone. His new collection is absolutely stunning ranging from various bright colors to ruffles and ruched up fabric galore.



We jump to the second day of London Fashion Week to J.W. Anderson. His goal for this seasons collection as he expresses is: “Something a bit more bohemian. A celebration of fashion. Everything with fluidity to it, and patch-worked somehow.” This new collection definitely resonates with my personal style. It’s composed between something comfy and simple to wear that borders on haute couture.



The next show is a special one for former spice girl Vicotria Beckham as she celebrates the tenth anniversary of her clothing collection. Beckham pays tribute to a campaign she did with Marc Jacobs ten years prior to the creation of her brand by recreating the content with her logo. I think that the collection holds true to Victoria and everything she’s done thus far.



This collection from Edeline Lee showcased on the fourth day of London Fashion Week is nothing less than spectacular. I love the variance of a loose and form-fitting bodice that compliments every body type. I’m also really enjoying all of these fun colors and especially the ruffles. I seriously hope that ruffles don’t go out of style; at least for another year. Also, aren’t the shoes just to die for?




Lastly, we have Nabil Nayal who focusses this season’s collection on scripture and key illustrations from the Bible. I love the theme and how Nayal incorporated all of these details while still catering to the delicacy of the notion of scripture. Further tying the idea in with the fabric, various ruffles, and the makeup on the models. I am pleasantly surprised with this collection as it is not as gaudy and ornate as last seasons Versace.




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