Vegan Makeup Brands you didn’t know About

Hi loves! One of my most recent goals is to be more aware of what I put on my skin, and know that what is in the products that I use, are in fact good ingredients. 

Skincare brands have taken the leap into creating products with cleaner ingredients, the makeup industry is starting to follow suit. 

In light of this amazing change that is taking shape, I wanted to introduce you to some cosmetic brands that you most probably weren’t aware of, that are in fact vegan. 

Let me introduce you to an online Montreal-based beauty shop: MyCo. The brand is all about allowing their customers the transparency that the beauty industry does seldom give. They carry vegan cosmetic brands that I will introduce to you guys! I was able to test some of these products out for you guys and I am loving the results. Scroll down for a closer look at these products and what I think of them. 

NU Evolution:

I actually almost didn’t try this product, but I am SO glad that I did. It is one of the best mascaras that I’ve used to date. Currently sold out on their website, their customers know that this is an amazing product. 

What I love about this mascara is that it is super lightweight and seriously works magic on your lashes. After putting this on for the first time I was blown away by the falsie effect they gave. It’s not heavy on the eyes and is totally buildable. You can go from natural, to I am definitely going out on the town tonight. 

I must say however, that this particular mascara is not waterproof. If you want to make it resistant to water/sweat, I suggest adding the tinniest layer of a waterproof mascara over the top. 

Overall, I absolutely love this mascara and will be repurchasing this! The price for what you get is essentially the vegan version of a brand that Sephora will sell. 

You should check out Nu Evolution’s other products right here! There’s honestly something for everyone. 

Au Naturale:

I tried two products from this brand, their lipstick in Spanish Rose and an eye pencil in Coco. Honestly, the name speaks for its products. Not only does the name signify that they are vegan and as simple as can be, but also go on quite naturally. 

The lipstick is one that is completely buildable. You can do a simple dark-ish tint or go for full colour payoff. Either way, the colour is gorgeous and has a slight shimmer to it. Though you will need to apply it a few times throughout the day given that it has the ability to be so buildable. MyCo also holds two other colours of this particular lipstick. These lipsticks are worth a shot if you’re looking for something that gives you the option of versatility. You can shop this lipstick right here!

Last but not least, we have Au Naturale’s eye pencil in the colour Coco. This is your standard eye pencil, turned vegan. It’s a great staple to add in anyone’s makeup routine. A few years ago, I was known for my winged eyeliner by friends. Around the whole ‘makeup-no makeup’ look gaining popularity I deiced to stop wearing bold black eyeliner. 

I still love to wear something to create the appearance of thicker lashes, so what I do with this pencil is lightly put some on the outer side of my lid along the lash line. It creates the desired affect and it’s super simple to do. I’ll also sometimes put some on the outer sides of my water line for some oomph. 

This pencil is a gentle one that is, you guessed it, totally buildable. You can go super light, or put more pressure on the pencil for a darker look. All in all, this is the perfect product for someone who is starting to make the switch over to an all-vegan/ cruelty free lifestyle. I am overall so pleased with this product and it has become part of my daily makeup routine. You can shop this item right here!

I loved implementing these products into my makeup routine and seriously love what MyCo stands for and has to offer. I highly recommend that you check them out if you’re looking to make a lifestyle switch, try out a new vegan cosmetic brand or are looking for a new product! 

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