How to: Staying Warm This Winter While Looking Your Best

Hi loves. The winter season is upon us and while others may not experience such a harsh change in weather during the season, we definitely do here in Montreal. 

I’m the kind of person who, when it is cold out, needs to be warm at all times (ask anyone who knowns me). Though aside from that, it actually takes a lot out of me to get dressed up in something else other than yoga pants and sweats. I know what you’re all thinking: The fashion blogger wears sweats out almost everyday??! It truly is my guilty pleasure. 

Although, while I will one day speak of my favourite comfy clothing, I’m here to tell you about some great finds that will keep you warm and stylish this winter. 

Before I give you, to be real, the only two tips that you’ll need. This blogpost will have a ton of shopping suggestions! Links will all be available somewhere in this post. 

Tip #1: Layers

I think most of you saw this coming. At the end of the day, this is more of an obvious one. However, there really is an art to layering properly. It’s all about being as strategic as possible. 

If you’re going to wear a lighter coat out because you’re not exactly feeling the whole Mr. Michelin-puffer-coat vibes make sure to wear a down jacket underneath. A sweater underneath a long wool coat isn’t going to cut it. So i’ve put a list together to show you just hoe easy it is to layer and stay warm in the freezing cold. 

  • Thermal long sleeve or turtleneck 
  • Sweater or blouse (fitted or over oversized)
  • Down jacket (see here)
  • Wool or pea coat (with scarf)

What I’ve done here is curate a simple outfit that you can mix and match at least ten different ways with the clothing in your closet. As for bottoms, you can find various base layers that will fit under your jeans or trousers. If you’re opting for a skirt wearing nylons and boots will suffice. You’ll definitely be a little colder but, if you go for a shorter skirt and knee to thigh high boots and layer some socks – you’re all set! 


Also seeing that we’re in Canada and it can get as cold as – 40 degrees over here, I’ve selected a bunch of winter coats that make any outfit look amazing. Some of these are actually vegan as well! 


These coats are literally made for the winter. They were originally designed for those who are always out on the slopes. This is an amazing quality coat, though it will cost you a lot. While Moncler is not cruelty free, it is an option that I am simply putting out there. Shop here (Moncler) or here (Saks).


Noize Original has a complete selection of cruelty free/ vegan coats that are made for a Canadian winter. I absolutely love the concept of these seeing as vegan winter gear that will honestly keep you warm in the extremely cold weather is hard to find. The designs of these coats are simple, although Noize provides many different styles so everyone can find something they like. Best part of it all? Its so affordable!

Tip #2: Warm Boots

Even though we all do it, no one really enjoys the sensation of freezing toes. It’s important to find decent boots in this weather. Dad-like sneakers, although trendy, are not going to cut it.

Although, you don’t have to wear moon boots: Known to be killer ski boots. There are a ton to choose from that will accentuate any pant cut that you wear on a given winter day. here are some of my favourite options:


A true winter boot, this is the kind that you wear if you know you’ll be outside for most of the day. Seeing as they aren’t as sleek as other winter boot models, these are perfect to pair with a yoga pant or a skinny jean. Something that hugs your leg and is easy to tuck into the top of the boot. I love these because they still give that ski-vibe and bonus, they’re vegan (I’m actually considering getting these soon)! You can shop them here.

Doc Martens:

I don’t think these will ever go out of style. I’ve decided to show you a few different models that can be perfect for everything. The only thing I truly wish Doc Marten would design is a completely vegan winter friendly boot.

While Doc Marten has a full selection of vegan boots, like the first two pictured above (from left to right), they are not lined with faux fur. However, the last two are lined with faux fur, but their exteriors are made with their signature leather. What I suggest is finding a pair of faux fur insoles that’ll help keep your feet warmer. A nice warm pair of socks is also a great idea. You can shop these boots on the Doc Marten’s website

  • You can also find thermal socks here and faux fur insoles here!
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