The Skincare Edit: A Winter Routine – Masks and Moisturizers

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Hello loves, and welcome to my new blog series: The Skincare Edit! This will be an ongoing series covering all of the bases of skincare from treatments to tools.

When I started blogging I did mainly start in fashion but I soon realized that writing about skincare and the beauty industry is something that I also love. So without further ado, let’s get into the first blog post of the series.

Winter is upon us and that means our skin is more susceptible to dehydration and dryness. Uck! Fear not, even those of you who have incredibly dry and flaky skin, there are products out there that are just waiting for you to use them.

I’m going to be speaking about the best masks and moisturizers out there for dry skin. Here is a list of some of my favourites!


These are my top mask recommendations for the winter season or for those who have extra dry skin. I just want to put it out there that the Summer Fridays Jet Lag mask is a dream. The best part about it, is that the mask can also be used as a moisturizer or a makeup primer; its extremely versatile.

In terms of masks and how you can fit them into your routine: Use the product 2-5 times a week depending on how much you need it. I personally use the Jet Lag mask almost every night. Sometimes I’ll put it on as a moisturizer and other times as a mask.



These are my top three moisturizer recommendations! I have used the Belif moisturizing bomb religiously over the years. It is by far the best and one of the more intensive ones that I’ve tried. I also love anything Ole Henriksen because their products always work. More so, it’s a targeted night cream which means you’re also getting some retinol in there (which is great for promoting cell turnover). Lastly, if you’re looking for something that will do the job, smells amazing and isn’t too thick, then the Origins High potency night-a-mins is your new best friend. I’ve also used this on and off and loved every drop of it.

Have any specific skincare questions? Let me know and I’ll address it in one of my next The Skincare Edit blog posts.

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