The Skincare Edit: LPG Facial Treatments

Hello loves, today on The Skincare Edit series I will be talking about a treatment that I recently discovered called LPG.

LPG doesn’t actually stand for some super complicated treatment name. It named after its creator Louis-Paul Guitay. After two sessions of LPG, I had the chance to interview Kim Laurence at Studio Anti Age and found out so much more than I could ever imagine.

What is LPG?

Did you know that LPG was originally used for medical purposes? Before it made headway into the beauty industry, burn patients who needed to be treated because of their scars as well as cancer patients have been using this treatment for quite some time.

What they discovered is that LPG helps stimulate healthy collagen, gets rid of cellulite and the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes over time. With this in mind it was eventually marketed as a beauty treatment. And voila, here we are today.

Prior to working with Studio Anti Age, I honestly had no idea that this treatment existed. I’m so happy that I do now, and can share all of this knowledge with you!

My Experience:

I’ve now gotten LPG done to my face twice. You can also get LPG done on your body which is awesome as well.

The treatment is super relaxing and is supposed to mimic seven people massaging you at once. That in itself is just mind blowing. How this is done is through an extension that when in use vibrates on your skin. This quick and relaxing movement helps ‘wake up’ dormant cells that aren’t really doing anything when they could be.

You can target the treatment in various problem areas on your face. For example, your neck, jawline, and chin. Or under your eyes as well as your forehead.

When you finish the treatment your face feels so relaxed and smooth. LPG overtime, helps give your skin a natural glow. Kim at Studio Anti Age describes it as a work out for your face. I totally agree, but instead of feeling sore afterwards, it feels like you’ve walked out of the spa. It’s painless and non invasive.

In other words, its the natural way to get healthy and young looking skin because this treatment trains your skin to keep on producing collagen as you age.

So when should I start treatment?

I would say that you could start this as early as your 20s. As you age it is known that you stop producing as much collagen and therefore the treatment will train your skin to produce collagen more regularly. This will prevent the signs of aging. 

It takes about 10 to 11 sessions depending on the patient. LPG needs consistency and should be kept up often enough. Those with problem areas who need a treatment like this should go every 4-6 weeks just like you would a facial with your aesthetician. But if this is something you’d like to take slowly and go on an on and off basis, fear not, you’ll still be able to see results.

After just one session these are some of the benefits that you will start to see.


After my first session I could definitely see a difference in my complexion. Here’s what My skin looked like right after my first treatment.

During my second treatment I also got a face mask but this was what my complexion looked like!

I definitely plan on going back for more treatments because this technology is honestly super exciting. I really love working with Studio Anti Age and totally recommend going to try out LPG with them! They’re located in Westmount (Suite #490, 4150 Saint-Catherine St 4th Floor).

For more Information you can check out Studio Anti Age on Instagram!

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