Montreal’s not so secret Fashion Community: A Fashion Preview

Just like Fashion Months that happen in New York, London, Milan and Paris without fail in both September and February, there is also quite the prominent fashion community within the depths of Montreal that many are not aware of because everyone is so busy falling back in love with the Dior saddle bag.

One recurring Montreal event that has been around since 2014 is Fashion Preview, a non-profit fashion event that takes place each October and March. Local designers showcase their collections on the runway to the Montreal community. The room is always crowded with an average of 2,000 guests each edition. This March fashion Preview Hosted their 11th edition at the SAT (Society for Arts and Technology).

With no exception the room was absolutely packed for its 11th edition. Waiting in between shows was similar to standing in the crowd of a concert. As fashion preview usually hosts a three day event, this edition things were done a little differently. This time around Fashion Preview hosted a one night event with a total of six designers. Schools like Collège LaSalle and Cégep Marie-Victorin participate annually and showcase a collective of looks, all designed by their students.

One of Montreal’s top designers Denis Gagnon opened the show this season with his latest collection. Guests in the room received anonymous airdrop notifications from the designer right before the show started. Many were confused, but the concept was one that captured people’s attention right before the models stalked down the catwalk.

Denis Gagnon’s collection was filled with the reds as well as pop of purple, blue, yellow, and green. The designer collaborated with Natalia Baquero Millinery on the hats in the collection. Models who did not wear hats, wore head scarves with different prints adorning the warm looking fabric. The headscarves are meant to serve as a fashion statement that will also keep one warm next winter season. Similar to the classic and quite frankly, creepy, thermal face mask.

The leopard/cheetah print trend, still very prominent in the fashion industry peeked its way into Gagnon’s designs, as did the ever growing neon trend in Mark Antoine’s collection.

The young and local designer who graduated from Lasalle College has closed Fashion Previews event for years. Each of his collections run around a theme that matches the goth-exotic category MarkAntoine casts himself in. This collection, entitled Moon Riders 2, was all about that neon life. Looks ranged from sophisticated cream trench coats atop neons, to heavy gothic styled outfits featuring plaids, black, and chokers. The variety amongst this seasons collection ties into MarkAntoine’s go-to style and balances it out with trends that have captured the designers attention.

The 11th edition of Fashion Preview was one of success as the community always seems to regroup at what can only be considered a staple event within the Montreal fashion community. Unlike the overwhelmingly large network amongst the global fashion industry, the scene in Montreal provides a sense of community.

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