Science Meets Beauty: The All New Innovative Secret Strips

Until a few weeks ago I had no idea this technology existed. I was sceptical at first, I’ll admit. Though upon researching the product and finally trying it out, I was sincerely blown away.

Secret Strips use a unique technology that implements ‘multi-dimension lifting’ in cosmetics. To put it more simply, once the strips have been applied to the skin, the strips create an elastic net that will smooth out and tighten the skin. This is done through the 3D matrix of microcrystal fibres embedded in the strips. The honeycomb-like net created by the microcrystals responds to the naturally elevated temperature of your skin. The net then expands and stretches out in six different directions once activated.

This product is primarily used to treat signs of aging of the skin but also replenishes and hydrates your skin with their two-step set. Before applying the patches to the skin I always make sure that I’ve washed my face, I’m really loving SkinMedica at the moment. Next I apply hyaluronic acid to the area of the skin where I will apply the masks. I then wet my hands and remove the white protective layer off of the masks. I apply the patches and smooth them out to make sure there aren’t any air bubbles present. I’ll then go in again with the hyaluronic acid once more and apply some to the top layer of the masks. This is to ensure ultimate hydration of the skin.

So aside from its technology why are these strips so amazing? What I love about these strips is the fact that you can keep them on for 1-2 hours or even overnight once your skin has become accustomed to the hyaluronic acid.

I have never seen a product like this on the Canadian or US market. I usually buy eye masks that can be left on the skin for around 15-20 minutes. Even 20 minutes is pushing it. But honestly, if you are the kind of person who keeps eye masks on for way longer than you’re supposed to, the skin often becomes irritated. But you can say ‘bye-bye’ to that issue when using Secret Strips. They don’t budge, and don’t bother you if you’re busy working or doing things around the house (When I used mine for the first time I was actually working on a blog post).

Applying hyaluronic acid is essential when using Secret Strips. Aside from its built in stretch technology there are no other types of liquid ingredients infused in these masks. The hyaluronic acid is applied so that the patches can also hydrate your skin at a deeper level. For those who are using Secret Strips to treat anti-aging concerns hydration is a vital part of the process. What the hyaluronic acid essentially does is moisturize the deeper layers of your dermis and creates a stronger moisture barrier underneath the first layer of the skin.

With the technology that the Secret Strip masks bring to the table as well as when they are paired with the benefits of hyaluronic acid, the two provide amazing results.

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