Verses Bistro: French Cuisine in the Heart of Montreal

Hi loves, today we’re steering towards some lifestyle content because I simply cannot contain myself.

I am someone who is in love with food. And without exception I love french cuisine. So as I am currently a pescetarian I don’t eat meat but will still eat fish and seafood in general. But regardless, food and I have a fantastic relationship. I love it, it loves me back (most of the time).

First of all, I just want to say that the service was fantastic. Whenever we needed advice regarding the menu, our waitress was extremely helpful and friendly. The food didn’t take too long to reach our table either. Though what I loved most about Verses Bistro was that the manager was also out helping serve and speaking with customers. Going the extra mile to cater to and individualize everyone’s experience was something that really gave off a familial vibe that is unique to Verses Bistro.

As for the food, It was nothing less than great. My favourite dish was our appetizer, the tuna tartare. It was extremely flavourful and decadent which is exactly what made this dish stand out from the rest. I would honestly just go back to Verses Bistro for this specific appetizer. It was that good.

I also want to briefly speak about the Rosé we had because it was absolutely delectable. Our waitress was able to help us pair the wine with our food and what we were in the mood for. This Rosé is called Côte Des Roses by Gérard Bertrand. If you haven’t tasted this beauty yet, you have the whole summer to (Hint Hint, they have the large size and smaller sized bottle at the saq)!

Following the first course, I had the grilled squid as my main course and my date Jen had the lamb. We seriously devoured the food. They were both hearty staples that the menu really benefited from. The texture of both our mains were perfect: A little chewy but most of all, tender.

I loved the vegetables and potatoes paired with my squid. It really gave the dish an earthy taste. It also made the meal a lot more home-style. Together the seafood and the side complimented each other perfectly.

We finished off the night with dessert. I just want to say that while it wasn’t my cup of tea it was perfectly crafted dessert in its own right. This one is especially great if you love to bring the inner child out.

The out layer is essentially a wall of cotton candy flavoured (otherwise known as raspberry and vanilla) sponge cake. A mountain of vanilla ice cream topped with yogurt and fruits finish the third course off.

Overall, I give Verses Bistro a 4 out of 5! The service really put it up on top but I would really love to see more dishes that are crazy flavourful like our first course, the tuna tartare. Nonetheless this place is a sure staple and a must try in the old port of Montreal.

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