Anya Haber SS20 : A NYFW Series

New York Fashion Week: Ironically I’m kicking things off with the last show I attended while in New York.

This particular show was different amongst the rest that I viewed throughout the week, but was nothing short of fantastic. Anya Haber, a young fashion designer who studied in Copenhagen is not your average designer.

Anya loves to mess around with different fabrics and materials to see what she can create. She says that “at the end of the day my main goal is to make others feel the same way I feel when I see my designs.”

Anya uses materials such as silicone and an array of other fabrics that she finds through reading dissertations on science and matter in the academic world. The unique capabilities of the fabrics such as their ability to react with light, and manipulation of shape are what evidently draw her to them. Anya also expresses that she would love to create a line of garments that would serve a practical and technologically savvy purpose in one’s daily life. As many of the pieces that she has created up to date aren’t exactly wearable.

One of the main aspects that Anya bases her fashion pieces on is technology as well as the science behind it. This has been something that has fascinated her since her younger years and has been incorporated into her SS20 collection as well as past pieces.

And yet, despite Anya’s major crush on science, technology, and combining it all into her art, this collection does not have a specific theme. She describe’s it as “more of a distinctive vibe.”

The collection features so many beautiful and unique fabrics that you just want to touch every piece that goes down the runway. Below is a look at a few of my favourite pieces from this season’s collection.

Anya has immense talent and I cannot wait to see what else this young designer comes up with in the future.

My Favourites

You can find more of the runway looks and about Anya right here!

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