Fashion, Technology, and Covid-19

Giorgio Armani holds his Fall 2020 runway in an empty theatre while fear strikes as Covid-19 breaks out in Lombardy, Italy.

With Fashion month in full swing and the rapid spread of Covid-19, the Fashion industry has had to adapt on a global scale.

Though it is decidedly remarkable that Armani has taken such a stance on the subject by closing the doors to this seasons Fall 2020 runway in Milan.

Instead, the Armani show was streamed on the company’s website, Instagram, and Facebook at 4pm CET/10 a.m. EST on Feb. 23, as reported by WWD.

On behalf of the brand, a spokesperson said that “Mr. Armani has decided that he wants to safeguard the well-being of all his invited guests by not having them attend crowded spaces.”

This came to light after news that Covid-19 had made its way to Italy. There are presently over 200 confined cases. Milan has been hit the worst with eleven Italian towns across Lombardy on lockdown, as reported by Fortune.

Despite the wake of such a debilitating disease, the magic of fashion week in Milan continued on with grace.

Giorgio Armani’s Fall runway was still however one for the books. The collection featured black velvet, an iconic statement that is described as none of other than Armanian by Luke Leitch for Vogue Runway.

Varying shades of light, hot pink and Chartreuse are seen on the runway and contrasts well with monochromatic shades of grey. More so, the overall feel of this collection presents as somber, elegant, and sophisticated.

Viewing the runway show on my laptop was something that, for an average fashion lover, is not a privilege that is often granted. Though with the digital age amongst us, fashion has increasingly turned to technology to deliver news and present themselves globally.

For someone used to attending a show, it simply wasn’t the same, though different perspectives of the room were offered during the show and the concept of fashion being apart of art (which is more widely regarded with haute couture) was much more apparent.

Below are a selection of some of my favourite pieces off of the runway.

Giorgio Armani Fall Ready-to-Wear 2020

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