The Skincare Edit: Hyaluronic Acid

Hey loves, I’m here to talk about the ever-so popular HA (Hyaluronic acid) and give you the quick rundown. I’ve been using HA for the last two years and its seriously benefited my skin and my overall skincare routine.

If you aren’t already using HA (whoa what??), you should be! Keep on reading to find out why HA is oh so fantastic for your skin.

So here’s the sitch:

  • HA increases the skin’s moisture barrier. Translation: if you use this, the moisturizing products that you use afterwards will be able to moisturize your skin for longer because the HA has created said barrier.

  • Everyone actually already produces HA in their bodies. Wait what? Yes it’s true. So why do we need to put more onto our skin? Well as you age, the production of HA slows. Therefore, it’s important to use a skincare product that replenishes your skin to counteract early signs of aging, with HA in it. (Why does it slow? Two factors: ageing and environmental stressors – which is why you need to be wearing sunscreen!!)

  • HA helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles. This goes without saying: if you’re keeping your skin moisturized with HA and a moisturizer, fine lines and wrinkles are bound to smooth out. Want to know more of the logistics behind this? Check this post out.
  • HA gives you that nice glow. It’s true, its a great way to combat dull skin! All you have to do is be consistent enough and enjoy the look of a nice natural glow and bouncier looking skin.

Recommended HA products

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