Get This Look: The Puff Sleeve

Hi loves! There have been a few great trends to really take this season and the puff sleeve top and dress is one of them. It originally saw its resurgence in the fashion scene last late summer and fall but has been adopted by fast fashion companies only more recently.

Some History:

According to BOF (The Business of Fashion) the definition of the puffed sleeve is such:

“Puffed sleeves (and later puff-ball skirts) are — as the name implies — a decadent ‘puff’ of fabric. Think of Renaissance Kings and Queens with their big sleeves, or Lacroix’s skirts from the 1980s. The shape for a sleeve is gathered at the top and bottom, but full in between, allowing it to puff up and create fullness.”


This is in fact true as the puff sleeve is dated to the Renaissance but surges into the Edwardian era. Since then it has been a trend that has come and gone. It is particularly known to make an appearance again in the 80s and is quickly adapted to camp fashion.

Today, many might classify the puff sleeve and dress to the Parisian girl style, a more recent trend to find its way onto Instagram in the last year.

A long white linen puff sleeved blouse with a deep v neck and tied ribbon-like detailing at the lower back, seen on the NYFW SS20 runway.

Below are links to some dreamy puff-sleeve-styled worthy pieces

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