Is Good Molecules Worth It?

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Hi Loves! Today I’m giving you my honest review of the newly hyped skincare brand Good Molecules. I was recently sent a cute little package curtesy of Beauty Lish to try out some of the skincare line’s products. After using these products consistently for almost a month now, I can definitely say with certainty that this line is worth a try.

The brand markets itself at a similar price point to that of Deciem’s The Ordinary which makes it super affordable but also makes you question which of the two brands you should be investing in. Here’s the short truth:

Both are worth a shot.

Let’s Compare

Deciem can be very hit and miss. This is because they do not spend a significant amount of their budget on testing the effectiveness of their products. Yes, the ingredients in their products are quality, proven to benefit the skin and do show results. Although, this may not be the case for everyone. Much like someone may break out or react badly to a certain skincare product the same goes for Deciem and how effective their product will be on their varying customer base. So while I have seen great results with their Lactic Acid, I have not seen their Salicylic acid to be as effective as other brands have been on my skin.

The good thing about The Ordinary is that their products are affordable, so you’re not going to feel buyers remorse over a $10 product as opposed to a $60 one.

As for Good Molecules, the price range is basically the same. Some products run a few dollars more. You’re paying $11 as opposed to $7 on average.

But I do have to say that I was more than impressed by the brand’s quality. I saw results in my skin after one and a half weeks, which is rare because it usually takes a month for a product to really work with your skin.

I was gifted the Niacinamide serum, the pineapple exfoliating powder, the niacinamide brightening toner, and the clarify and cleanse bar.


I have rather large pores around my T zone and using the niacinamide serum morning and night for two weeks changed the texture and look of my skin. My pores weren’t as large in appearance. Pairing this with the toner at least once a day significantly increased the results I saw. My skin is now much smoother and glowy.

The serum isn’t heavy feeling on the skin. It actually absorbs super fast and doesn’t leave a sticky residue on the skin which is literally one of my pet peeves. I personally experienced that with the niacinamide from the ordinary and was not impressed at all. However, for a few dollars more, I find you’re getting a way better product.


I think that the clarify and cleanse bar was what I was most skeptical about when I opened my package. But it has become a staple part of my daily skincare routine and its actually in competition with the cleanser I’ve been using for the last 10 months.

It looks like a soap bar but actually doesn’t contain any. the bar is comprised of salicylic acid, tea tree oil, kaolin clay, cocoa powder, rosehip, and lastly grapeseed oil. It’s perfect for skin nourishment, preventing breakouts and clearing out any congestion. within a week my face was clear of little stubborn breakouts.

It didn’t strip the moisture from my face, my skin doesn’t feel tight after using this and I always have a fresh clean glow. Honestly, this bar does it all.


The niacinamide and brightening toner is unlike any I’ve ever tried because I’ve only really tried micellar water types. Although, for the first time trying it, I thoroughly enjoy using it. I apply the toner right before all of my serums and creams at night.

The consistency of the toner is not like a water based one although isn’t too thick or uncomfortable at all. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling sticky afterwards and gives me a nice glow. Using this in conjunction with the niacinamide serum, I could see a difference in the tightness of my pores and a nice subtle glow to the skin.

The toner is not harsh therefore you’re able to use it daily and see results faster!


I thought that the pineapple exfoliator was a super cool concept and had personally never really seen the fruit exclusively used in a skincare product. The powder is much like the micro exfoliant from Dermalogica so its not daunting at all. What I also really like is the amount of exfoliator you’re getting for $22. You’ve seriously got enough in there for a year.

I didn’t see crazy results with this product but I certainly enjoy it. Its purpose it do decongest the face with ingredients like starch and silk powder as well as pineapple, kiwi and papaya extracts. What I also like about this exfoliator is that they’ve added calamine and allantoin to soothe and calm the skin. Meaning this product is gentle enough for those with sensitive skin.

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