A New way to Wear Your Dream Closet

Hi loves, today I’m going to be talking to you about a new business that I recently stumbled upon. This one is for all of the luxury lovers out there.

About a month ago, I started working with Dress Beyond The Runway. They are a Montreal based business that allows you to rent designer clothing and accessories every month. I personally love the idea behind their business model and was happy to try their service out.

I chose three dresses and a bag to bring along with me when I went to Quebec City this August. I picked out three dresses from: Sandro Paris, Mr. Self Portrait, and For Love and Lemons. I also picked out a Gucci bag.

I think that the service that Dress Beyond the Runway offers is great for people who want to try out many luxury brands without the constant financial commitment. The memberships are much cheaper and you really get to explore your options every time you want to rent with them.

More so, they ship your outfits to you which I find super convenient. This also means that if you’re anywhere across Canada, you can also rent from them! The process is super smooth and I will definitely be using the service again.

Had so much fun snapping photos in these outfits. Below is a lookbook from my late Summer trip to Quebec City.

Look One

Sandro Paris Dress + Gucci Marmont Bag
Gucci Marmont Bag
Sandro Paris Dress + Gucci Marmont Bag

Look Two

Mr. Self Portrait Dress
Mr. Self Portrait Dress + Gucci Marmont Bag

Look Three

For Love and Lemons Dress
For Love and Lemons Dress
For Love and Lemons Dress
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