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Hi loves, I’ve been going through a jewelry phase and I know for a fact that it won’t be ending anytime soon. As for anyone who has an infinite love for jewelry, listen up! I’m here to tell you everything you need to know when it comes to finding the perfect pieces for yourself.

I picked this beauty, a simple 10K gold band, with the help of LSM Jewelers at one of their five locations in Quebec. I personally love the ring because it’s so simple and easy to style with other jewelry and different outfit combinations.

I will now take you through my step by step process of how I decide which pieces I choose to add to my collection.

Have an Idea of What you Want

When I’m looking for a new piece I tend to make a mood board to help get a feel of what I want when it comes to look, finishes, and if I want any stones. When you go into the store keep this mood board in mind, but also decide on what kind of piece you want beforehand (I.e. A ring, necklace, bracelet, or earrings).

*A Word About Mood Boards: you can create a beautiful one on Pinterest but what is more realistic is to save photos of Jewelry that you see and like over time and to combine all of the photos into a folder. If you’re into the whole visual thing, go ahead put all of those onto a board to get a bigger picture of the kind of jewelry you are drawn to!

Once you have that locked down, you can get more specific. When I went in to LSM Jewelers, I knew that I wanted a yellow gold ring of at least 10K. I had also made mood boards and checked the website to see the style and variety that the store had before making the trip.

Know Your Ring Size & Preferences

This is such a simple step but it is one that many forget or don’t even know! It wasn’t until I got fit for my graduation ring that ring sizing became an evident step to me. I have super tiny fingers and I’m a size 4 on my ring finger and a size 5 for my pointer and middle finger. In terms of preferences, you don’t want the ring to be too snug, it’s important that it feels a tad loose because in the summer your fingers will swell a little in the heat. Just make sure it’s not falling off!

If you don’t know your ring sizes already, you can easily figure that out when you go into the jewelers and it only take a few minutes!

More so, when you’re going in for a ring or a necklace, (as a necklace can be various different lengths) for example, you want to make sure you know what you want. When I went in for the ring I knew I wanted it for my right ring finger. Therefore, I needed a size four. One ring won’t usually fit all fingers so make sure you know which finger(s) you want the ring for before purchasing.

Keep Your Other Pieces of Jewelry in Mind

This goes without saying, but it’s important to think about what you already have! Make sure it’ll match or compliment what you have at home. What I suggest is bringing a few of your favourite pieces and seeing how the look with the piece you intend on purchasing at the jewelers!

Don’t be Afraid to Mix and Match

I’m someone who likes all of their jewelry to match, and that’s totally ok! But I’ve also recently discovered how fun it is to mix and match silver or white gold and yellow gold! Rose gold and silver or white gold looks amazing together as well! Don’t feel intimidated by this, because you can create some cute looks with different golds, metals, and stones. My sincere advice is to take your time choosing and to never buy anything you don’t 100% love.

You can check Bijouterie LSM out right here! Thanks to them, I have a beautiful ring that I wear almost everyday.

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