4 Tips for a Better Sleep

Hey everyone! I’ve partnered with Endy for World Sleep Day to bring you my top tips for a better sleep. I’ve listed my top four tips and favourite things to do to ensure that I wake up well rested the next morning and ready to tackle the day.

For so long, I struggled with terrible sleep and I’d always wake up with intense back pain. The second I started sleeping on the Endy pillow and mattress that pain disappeared. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve also got my mom and boyfriend hooked on the Endy pillows. They love the feel of the memory foam pillow and just started their Endy journey last month.

After seeing a difference with my Endy mattress and pillows, I became much more conscious of my sleeping habits and decided it was time for a change. Here is what has helped me sleep more soundly at night.

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Wind Down Time Means Dimming Your Lights Too!

We all need to relax before going to bed to prepare our bodies for sleep. However, if you’re sitting in front of a bright TV or in a fully lit room, your brain isn’t going to start winding down. More so, it’s super strenuous for the eyes when you’re tired after a full day.

What I did: Late last year I bought a smart LED light bulb that dims. I hooked it up to my Alexa and now not only do I have a dimming light, I don’t even have to get up from bed to dim them.

Don’t Eat Anything Heavy Right Before Bed

While this one is a pure given, there are still many people who love to snack on something like chips or cookies right before bed while watching some Netflix. While it does feel nice in the moment, it definitely isn’t good for your tummy afterwards.

Try not to eat anything up to 90 minutes before you plan on going to bed. Your body will reward you with a good night’s sleep.

Use A Meditation App Or Listen to Calming Music

This is one of my favourite resources when I’m having extra trouble falling asleep at night. If I’m anxious about something or my mind is reeling because of my never-ending To-Do list, I turn to these two for help.

If I’m listening to music, these are the playlists that I’m listening to on Spotify: Sleep Tight, Musical Therapy. My two go-to apps are: Breathwrk and Headspace!

Get a Proper Pillow For Your Sleep Needs

I think that this one is the most important tip. While you can do all of the work to get into a proper state for sleep, you’re still going to be uncomfortable regardless of what you do if you don’t have a proper pillow. Before I had my Endy pillow I didn’t really see the importance. Although once I started sleeping more soundly, it was the biggest game changer.

What’s so different about the Endy is that it’s perfect for everyone, no matter how you sleep. This pillow is 100% customizable. This is because the pillow is made up of 2 parts; the core is filled with shredded bamboo charcoal memory foam, and the pillow cover has the plush feeling of down. To adjust the pillow to your liking, simply take handfuls of the shredded foam out of the pillow’s core. Ultimately you can make the pillow as firm or soft as you’d like.

Here are Endy’s suggestions for the best sleep possible according to your sleep style!

If you’re interested in purchasing an Endy pillow or mattress use the link right here! This Blog post is made in partnership with Endy but all tips and opinions are my own.

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