Picnic Season With Bevo Pizza

It’s summer time and I’m super excited about it because I love a good picnic on a hot summer day. To kick things off, Bevo Pizza, an Italian restaurant in the Old Port of Montreal, helped me create the perfect to-go picnic to enjoy outside.

If you know me, I absolutely love a good plate of pasta and Bevo certainly did not disappoint. I’m going to take you through which menu items we discovered and what I thought about them. Overall, Bevo Pizza is definitely a must-try if you’re creating your summer restaurant and picnic bucket-list!

To Start

There are so many yummy entrée options on the menu, like burrata. However, we decided to split a veggie pizza, called the Giardino. The size of the pizza is perfect for two to share. It’s thin, perfect pizza goodness. The vegetables are cooked beautifully and compliment the rest of the pizza really well. The crust was also super yummy. I don’t often eat the crust unless its thin enough but this one was perfect!

To Drink

Bevo has a lovely selection of wines that pair amazingly with their food menu. I love that there’s a wide variety. There’s even an orange wine if you’re feeling fancy. We chose a rosé from Sicily called, Vino a gogo. They also have a lovely Chardonnay from the same brand that you can try from their menu as well.


There are tons of options and you can even have a pizza to yourself if you’re feeling it but we decided to each try a pasta. We choose the pescatore and the rigatoni con salsiccia. They were both fantastic choices. I even brought my mom, who is gluten intolerant, to Bevo, and they were able to accommodate and serve her gluten free pasta! You’d be surprised at how many Italian places still don’t have gluten free options, so it was nice to see.

If you’re looking for a good seafood pasta, the pescatore is your new bff. I loved how full the plate was. You’re not just getting a few calamari and mussels; you’re getting the whole package. As for the rigatoni con salsiccia, the fennel and arugula really adds a unique texture and taste to a dish that is seen at many other Italian spots.


For dessert we had a decadent tiramisu and Nutella pizza. It really was the cherry on top. At the end of the day if all else fails, you can never go wrong with a Nutella pizza. It’s warm, fluffy, sweet heaven. I particularly loved the texture and thickness of the pizza crust. It didn’t fall apart or flop when I held my slice and I was able to fully enjoy my dessert.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I love Bevo and have gone back a few times since my first meal there. They serve hearty portions that won’t have you leaving unsatisfied. Which I find is often the case at upscale Italian restaurants. It’s a location that I’d definitely recommend to anyone looking for delicious Italian food in the Old Port of Montreal. Go check it out and let me know how you like it!

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