How I Feel About my Acne Acting up During the Colder Months

There’s only one possible word to describe this, and it’s “ANNOYED”.

But this is why the skincare industry exists, to create products that help reduce and treat my very annoying acne. Not to mention, the cold is only one very vexing factor that causes my acne. Hello, periods?? Hormonal acne has just loved trying to be my friend lately, but I’m just not having it.

So with that, I present to you some of the products that I enjoy using to regulate my acne! P.S. the key to treating acne is not just drying it out!!! It’s about keeping your skin properly hydrated at the same time!

Favourite Product Line

“How do you do that,” you may ask? well I thoroughly enjoy the VinoPure line from Caudalie and it’s helped calm and treat my acne for some time now.

My particularly favourite stand out products are pictured below! One thing you should consider is that acne doesn’t go away over night. Getting rid of it is a process, as much you might not like the sound of it. Though with Caudalie you can start to see results within one week, which I absolutely love. The stand out from this product line is that while you’re also treating your acne, you’re still keeping you face hydrated at the same time. I think that this product does a good job at balancing the two, which I haven’t seen in many other products or lines.

Favourite Pimple Patches

Next up are pimple patches. These little things are fantastic and I cannot get enough of them. I always purchase mine from Amazon and I get the brand Rael Beauty. There are a ton of different brands out on the market, but (big secrets out) they essentially all do the same thing. Other brands that I think are fantastic, which I’ve heard others rave about are: Peace Out Skincare and the Mighty Patch from Hero Cosmetics.

Favourite Spot Treatment

If there’s a pimple or little area that really isn’t budging I like to use this particular spot treatment from Ducray. Before using this one, I used another powerful spot treatment from Bioderma. I reccomend both as they are very similar products. They both sped the whole ‘pimple process’ along which was something I genuinely appreciated.

My Best Kept Secret

So this is probably my best kept secret on how to take care of my entire face while getting rid of stubborn acne. I’ve been using this product on and off (mostly during desperate times) and it never dissapoints. The product line from VGAM Biome is my holy grail. I use the cleanser, then mix the serum and cream together. It’s short, simple, and effective. I won’t go into too much detail right now, but let’s just say that prebiotics and probiotics are the main reason why this product is so amazing. I will have another blog post detailing how this type of skincare works because I’ve had the great pleasure of interviewing VGAM Biome’s founder Dr. Vega.

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