Illume: Hudson’s Serene Wellness Festival

A True Sense of Community and Many Amazing Activities

It’s no surprise that I’m someone who loves a moment of wellness, but why not make it an entire weekend.

Illume Fest, a wellness and yoga based festival in Hudson, Quebec, is finally back for its first edition since the start of the pandemic.

The festival takes a focus on various types of yoga, and how they can benefit each individual in an educative format. Amongst other events, there will be a cacao ceremony as well as a sound bath. Two things I’ve never personally tried but am excited to experience.

However, Illume is not just yoga, meditation and the practice of inner gratitude, but also a place where you can discover food, drink, and music. There will be many music based events during the evening as well as many food events taking place throughout the entire day. I’m most excited for the Quebec oysters and organic bubbly at Wendigo, a restaurant in Hudson.

Everyone in Hudson is abuzz with the news and excited to accommodate everyone going to the festival this weekend. I spoke with many local vendors to get their take on the festival coming back and what they’re looking forward to most.

Debbie Newton, the owner of Hudson Traders, is very much looking forward to getting out and enjoying the festival this coming weekend, as well as showing others exactly what Hudson Traders is all about.

Newton says the idea for her store came through a collaboration between friends over wine at the dinning table: “All big moments in my life seem to happen that way,” she says me as she vividly tells the story of how Hudson Traders came to be.

Hudson Traders is essentially the culmination of everything that Newton loved growing up in Hudson. She expresses that the town was missing a general store, which is where the idea to feature products such as vintage candy, miscellaneous objects like tea towels, dog toys and memorabilia came into play.

“And my husband believes that coffee is important, so we added a little café in the back. And that’s how it turned into this awesome little store that I love so much”

Newton isn’t the only one with a true passion for the town of Hudson, as Beate von Huene, co- founder of Skin Envie Medi Spa and Boutique Skin Envie, a vendor, who will be present this weekend at Illume. Von Huene is truly about bringing community together and showing all that Hudson has to offer to newcomers.

Von Huene, who is the sister of brother Alexander von Huene, founder of Illume festival, expresses her brother’s true passion for yoga and living a life full of health and wellness.

“It’s something that he’s always loved and focused on. Opening his own yoga studio, Mūv, here in Hudson just made so much sense for him.”

Skin Envie Medi Spa is owned by Beate, her daughter Tasch, as well as another mother-daughter duo, Robby Bennett and Alexa Barron who all have a close bond and want to educate their clients on how to treat their skin properly. Their focus is on medical grade and Canadian products that treat the root cause of any and all skin problems, in order to heal the skin from the inside out.

Illume festival will take place this August 6th and 7th in Hudson, Quebec. The entire town is excited and ready to welcome everyone with open arms (rain or shine).

If you are interested in attending an event, a day or the entire weekend you can go to

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