A Serum That Repairs The Skin’s Barrier

From the girl who can’t get enough of skincare

By: Amanda Barnard

I’ve discovered a new launch and it’s a good one. Three Ships Beauty has launched a new skin barrier serum that protects the skin. Their slogan for this product, which I love is, “Your skin barrier is much more than a beauty buzzword”.

The serum includes key active ingredients such as Blueberry Seed Oil (2%) Ceramides (0.2%) Prickly Pear Oil (0.5%).

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This serum is special because it was made in collaboration with Toronto Dermatologist, Dr. Sandy Skotnicki who wanted to create something with Three Ships founders, Connie Lo and Laura Burget, “that was minimal in ingredients and ideal for sensitive skin types”.

The scent-free serum is formulated with 100% plant and mineral derived ingredients and is made to truly target the root problem of your skin concerns. Those who have damaged skin barriers typical suffer from a mix of, “the skin feeling “thin” or “stripped” or dullness, dryness, tightness, redness, sensitivity to the touch, itchiness, and blemishes.”

I’m someone who suffers from combination skin along with a little bit of adult hormonal acne. Believe it or not, even though I’ve only been using this for a 2-3 weeks, I can see the instant effect it has on my skin. My cheeks are less red and my overall skin tone is much more even. Alongside the rest of my routine, my hyperpigmentation has eased up too. My skin is smooth, soft and bouncy and I’m simply living for it.


Your skin barrier is not just another beauty buzzword. @threeshipsbeauty has just launched a new and powerful all-natural serum to help correct and protect your #SkinBarrier 🤍 I’ve been loving the way my skin feels after applying this and the benefits I see from the amazing ingredients inside, such as: * Ceramides * Prickly Pear (cactus juice in the form of an oil that is incredibly moisturizing) * Blueberry Extract (antioxidants) * Squalane #skincareroutine #threeshipsbeauty #selfcare #minivlog

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